Saturday, December 03, 2005

Our New Pet

I wanted to take some time to introduce you all to our new pet. Before you get all excited, it's not who you think. No, not the new beagle. I will give her a proper introduction...eventually. But for now, something completely different.

The odd thing is, I wasn't even aware of this pet. None of us were. My husband discovered it the other night when he went to take care of the coal stoker in the basement.

As I've alluded to before, we have a bit of a damp basement. Damp and cool. Like a mine. It's almost as dark as one too. This special little environment lends itself to habitation by all sorts of strange and wonderful things.

Why, in this picture, you can see we have some little trees growing in our constantly wet french...oops...Freedom Drain.

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I have no idea what kind they are but they have been there - that size - for quite a while now. They probably get about 30 minutes of 40 watt lightbulb light a week. Maybe we'll develop some new low-light maple species. Who knows?

And now that I've typed the word "species", I pause to wonder why it doesn't follow the "i before e except after c" rule.


But I digress...

So, I'm in the kitchen and I hear my hubby banging on the floor from below.

Me: What? What's that you're banging about down there in the mines?
Hubby: Come here. And bring the camera.


Now my curiosity is piqued.

I get the camera and put some sandals on because you just don't want to walk around in our basement in your socks. I tell my daughter that something exciting is going on in the basement and she follows along. We make our way into the basement and locate my hubby.

Me: What's up?
Hubby: Look what I found.

Stak Trek fans are going to love this...


Daughter and I look and, sure enough, there was a tribble on the floor. So I took a picture...

Image hosted by

to share with you all.

Isn't it cute? We're thinking of naming it Scooter. Although it doesn't scoot very much. It just kind of sits there. We watched it for a while and it didn't really do much of anything.

Me: It's not doing anything.
Daughter: Maybe it's depressed.

We finally encouraged hubby to use his psionic talents and try the Vulcan Mind Meld on it.

And I took another picture...

Image hosted by

As you can see, it was in a great deal of pain.

We immediately packed it up in a box and took it to the Starship Enterprise for further analysis. The scientists gave it a thourough examination.

Image hosted by

We had to leave it overnight for testing and counseling. We went to pick it up the next day and the scientists said it was doing much better. As it turns out, it was just a case of the blues and loneliness. We decided to cheer it up by having a little party before we left. Look how much fun!

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And, not to worry. Our tribble isn't lonely anymore. We found a little friend for it.

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D.B. Echo said...

Those sprouts could be anything, up to and including broccoli. But that fuzzy mold thing scares the hell out of me.

Anonymous said...

You better warn that hubby of the dangers of trying to mind-meld with a species that may be of higher intellegence than himself. I know I would hate to see him possessed by an alien life form, although it may be fun for the rest of us. Do i sence a new nickname? Let's hear it for Fuzzy!!! The plant material may have been brought along by the "tribble" to insure a stable food source in this previously unknown environment. If tribbles start taking over the place, kill the cute little plants, maybe you can starve them out. Sparky

MusikMom said...

Vulcan ears: $15.00
Star Trek uniform: $70.00
Growing your own Tribble: Priceless!

Live long and prosper,
Mon :-)

anne said...

d.b echo-
Mold? MOLD? It's, it's... it's a Tribble! Really!
By the way, I'm keeping an eye on the plants. I'm hoping for something rare and exotic. That I can then sell on eBay.

Regarding the dangers of mind melding - don't I know it! He tried the mind meld on the toaster when it wasn't working and for weeks we let the toaster have its own room and checking account. As it turns out, it was all just an elaborate hoax on the part of the toaster. Now it's back on the kitchen counter. It won't fool us again...

If I could find a way to type that hand gesture thing that Spock does, I would. And I don't mean the vulcan bird. Or maybe that's what it really was all these years...?
Anyway, glad you enjoyed our Tribble.

nadzent said...

What the hell.....

Lauren said...

:) well I've never seen Star Trek so I don't know what a tribble is... but as an English major, I can tell you that "Species" does follow that I before E rule. The first "e" in the word species is not the "e" that will follow the rule, it is only when a "CIE" or "CEI" are togeter. So you have "- - - cies", (I before E except after C, or when it sounds like an A as in "neighbor" and "weigh"), which is correct because it makes the EE sound... therefore I before E.

I'm a dork.

In other news, I love the Callalillie site. I think I will be frequenting it quite often, her photographs are stunning. Thanks for the heads up!

Lauren said...

OKay wait, forget all that crap I was analyzing. I think Species is just an exception to the rule. :)