Monday, March 24, 2008

God Damn, America!

I'm not big on political debates. My politics fall into the same category as my religion in that it's what I believe, I don't care if you agree, and I'm not going to debate it. If you don't happen to agree with me you can just go right on ahead being wrong.


Anyway, I try to avoid politics like the plague when it comes to my blog. It's just how I am.

Having said that, I have to comment on the recent goings on with Obama and his pastor. And my comment is this...

Mr. Obabma... Barack ... I am disappointed in you.

When given the opportunity to comment on your former pastor's 9/11 speech, you blew it.

He's "like and old uncle who says things I don't always agree with."

Fair enough.

But you don't agree that the US was being the bully on the playground? Or do you just not have the moxie to say that you do?

This was a perfect opportunity to bring it all to the forefront. Drag America's dirty laundry out into the spotlight and say "God damn, America. What the hell is up with you? Why are you buying big, expensive homes when you can't even pay your credit card bill? Why are you bitchin' about the price of gas when you drive a pig? How can you have the nerve to cry about the 4,000th soldier to die in Iraq when YOU CAN'T EVEN CONTEMPLATE THE THOUGHT OF CUTTING BACK A BIT ON YOUR CONTINUOUS CONSUMPTION???!!! God damn, America. Wake the hell up already."

But it didn't happen. Because I guess that kind of talk doesn't win the primary. Or the election. Or anything, really, but dirty looks.

So, there it is. To me, Obama has become the not-Republican, the guy who I suppose I will vote for if he is the one to come out of the primary the winner. But I won't be thrilled about it.

Of course, this all comes on the heels of my recent viewing of "Who Killed The Electric Car?" So I'm all kinds of fired up to begin with.