Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Work, Work, Work

And more work.

That seems to be all I'm doing lately.

My primary job right now (as opposed to the real estate job, which has become secondary) is going off and on mandatory overtime, so I never really know what, if any, days I'll actually have off in a week, nor do I know how many hours I can expect to work on any given day. At least not until the day before because there is a 24 hour notice thingy.

And all of that is throwing a real monkey wrench in my life right now. On days that I am working overtime, and hubby is working too, I have to get up at 2am so I have enough time to feed all of the animals before starting work at 4 or 4:30am. The getting up early part is a real drag because the goats are all, "What the...? We're sleeping!!!" And then I have to proceed to drag them all out to their feeding stations because they just. Don't. Want. To. Go.

Oh, and God forbid it's raining.

Which it always seems to be doing.

Although, I shouldn't really complain because it has seemed to let up a bit at least when I need it to. They really don't like coming out in the rain to eat.

Perhaps someday when we have a big ol' barn in which to feed them, these days will go much more smoothly. Perhaps by the time we can afford the time and money to build a big ol' barn, we will also be well enough off to not have to go off to other jobs in the first place.

Ah, dreams.

So, yeah. Work.

And that's not even getting into all the additional animal-related stuff that goes on when I get home from work. Or the pressing need to put up A LOT more fence. Or the roof project from last year which still remains unfinished.

But, if it sounds like I'm complaining, I'm not.

Well...yes, I am. But it's not about the animals or the farm. It's more about not being able to really devote the time I need to to them. I think a lot of folks are still under the impression that this farm is a nice, little hobby for hubby and me.

I wish that were the case.

No, in fact we are busting our butts to try to get a bonafied business up and running. A buisiness with which we intend to replace our other jobs. And it takes a lot of works.

And people just don't get it. At all.


But enough of that.

I just wanted to pop in with a quickie update.

I took Fen to the vet today. All is well - it was just a check up. Ruby goes Thursday for her check-up. I had to take two different appointments because I would have had to wait otherwise.

And Jasper...


Jasper is gone.

I can't really write about it because...well, I can't. But I just wanted to put it out there because it dawned on me the other day when a friend stopped by, that not many people know about it. Mainly because I never see or talk to anyone any more.

But, yeah. It happened over the summer and I'm still heartbroken about it. He was such a sweet, sweet boy - quite possibly the most loveable animal I've ever known - and life is just not the same without him around. If I knew the guy we bought him from was breeding the same two dogs again, I'd take a puppy in a heart beat, just in the hopes of getting another dog half as good as him.

And since it rains when it pours...

Our three and half legged cat, Fang, is also gone as well. She was just an amazing animal and a real trooper. She will be sorely missed as well.


And now I've lost my steam for writing. So enough for tonight. Hopefully I'll get to check in again soon and announce our farm's new website!

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