Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Because I Am A Professional

Here's an amusing little anecdote.

Today I was at work, fielding calls from the various folks dabbling in real estate, when I get a phone call from a client who recently closed on a building. The building he bought was loaded - and I mean loaded - with all kinds of stuff including 3 full size church organs. All of the assorted treasures came along with the building.

When he first put the offer in on it, there was a good bit of discussion as to what would be the best way to deal with everything inside. Ebay, auctions, dumpsters...everything was considered. Even the free ads in the newspaper. But for some reason, everything always circled back to the organs. I guess organ. And not just one, but three. How do you find homes for three organs?

I mentioned that there were one or two items that I would be willing to buy when he got around to cleaning it out. And that was that.

Until today.

There I am, sitting at my desk, being all professional and everything, cutting real estate deals right and left, impressing my co-workers with not only my fluent knowledge of the business, but human nature as well, when he calls.

Client: Hey, are you still interested in those things in the building I bought?
Me: Sure. Are you starting to clean it out?
Client: Well, pretty soon. I think I might have an auction but I figured I'd let you take what you wanted first.
Me: Well that's awfully nice of you. Just let me know when you're at the property and I can come by to pick everything up.
Client: Ok. I should be there in a couple of days.
Me: Ok. Just call me here or on my cell.
Client: There's just one thing...
Me: What's that?
Client: Well, for each item you want, you have to take an organ.

and me, without missing a beat...

Me: I wouldn't have any idea where to even put an organ.


This is the point where all my co-workers landed on the floor, doubled in laughter.

Me: I can't believe I just said that.
Client: What?
Me: Nevermind.


D.B. Echo said...

I have some friends in the Kunkletown area who would be absolutely interested in buying a church organ...if they hadn't just bought one from somebody in North Carolina this summer! (I was conveniently busy when it came time to move the church organ into their basement.)

I am afraid Malanie at Hyperextended Joints has claimed the title of "Most Professional Person Ever" for herself:

D.B. Echo said...

Argh! That's "Melanie".

Jozet said...


anne said...

d.b. echo -
I checked out Melanie's blog and it's very entertaining indeed!
If you do happen to hear of anyone who wants an organ...

jozet -
We'll see who's laughing when they find an organ on their porch.

Although...I know of a little farm house in a remote location...

tony c said...

Yeah. Ernie's gotta take one. I mean, c'mon.

I'd take one but I already have my buddy Dave's spinet in my mom's basement.

What about all those little bible churches between New Ringold and Pine Grove / Hegins?

Jozet said...

Is that like finding a fish on your porch?

cuz e said...


you gotta let me know how big these organs are, cuz I as was mentioned before me. I gotta have one. But serioiusly how big are they and how heavy, I'm afraid that they will break what little structural integerity that I have left in the pa place. But please do let me know is there anything else there worth getting involved in, like say. house jacks, backhoes, chainsaws, normal organs or instruments of anykind.

nadzent said...

Does the size really matter?

okiehillgirl said...

where to put an organ...hmm...are there pipes involved??? this could be tricky...

you could put it in the well house with that old's always good to have a v ibrator with your organ. the reverb is awesome.