Thursday, January 19, 2006

Music and Counselling

Alright, so yesterday hubby and I had a date at the Hometown Farmer's Market. He didn't get off work until 6 so I caught a ride over a little bit earlier with my mom and figured I'd just browse around a bit until he showed up.

I came across a stand where a guy was selling DVDs and CDs - the music kind, not the savings kind - and, well you all know how I am about music. The CDs were only $4 each and I thought "Surely I can find something for me!" So I start flipping through the selection.

Things were looking grim. I was really hoping to find one along the order of "70's Greatest Disco Hits" or maybe "Getting Down With You Bad Self Funk", for house cleaning, you know. It's really motivating. However, it was really slim pickin's, even for the likes of me.

Whilst I was searching, I could overhear the conversation between the guy manning the booth and a buddy of his. As it turns out, Buddy is apparantly divorced and sharing custody of his children with his X. Booth Guy was counselling him on making sure to let his employer know that he's all caught up on the back support. Poor Buddy was attempting to listen but he was trying to wrap his mind around why, when he has the kids, they always need a pair of sneakers or something..."I mean, I send her support. Where is that going?"

Finally I found it. "Gospel Legends" featuring Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Golden Gate Quartet, Mahalia Jackson and Many More! I don't have any old timey gospel music so I thought this would be a good start.

I checked through the rest of the CDs - just in case - and figured I'd made the best selection, considering the options. I dug through my pusre for $4 and turned to the guy manning the booth. He was a biggish sort of fellow with some kind of unremarkable t-shirt under a flannel shirt, all topped off with an Eagles baseball cap. He was standing - bag at the ready - waiting for me. I handed him the CD and my $4.

He took everything and looked at the CD.

He looked at me.

He looked at the back of the CD.

He looked at me.

He looked back at the CD like he was carefully contemplating what he would say. Finally...

Booth Guy: I have some christian music right here...

I look at two stacks of CDs.

Me: No thanks, I'd like the gospel music, please.

He looks back at the CD, shrugs and starts to put it into the bag.

Booth Guy: You look a little bit young to be listening to gospel music.

As I took the bag from him I said "I know...but I'll be careful. Bye."

At that point I turned and walked away, leaving him to wonder "Just what the hell was that all about, Alfie?"

Next week I'm going back for the Helen Reddy CD.


nadzent said...

BAH - wah - ha - ha!

I never knew Gospel was a generational thing. So much is clear to me now....

tony c said...

Any Louvin Brothers? (They sound like a gospel version of the Everly Bros.)

I got a copy of "Satan is Real" a few months ago at a cool store in Doylstown. (The Byrds covered their song Christian Life, back in the day.)

anne said...

Who ever would have guessed? The things I learn at the market...

No Louvin Brothers on the cd but I did just recently buy the Livin', Lovin', Losin' cd about 2 weeks ago. I am enjoying it tremendously.

D.B. Echo said...

AHA! Found it!

Charlie Louvin was the guest on NPR's Fresh Air back on October 24, 2003.

This was just after Livin', Lovin', Losin' came out.

D.B. Echo said...

For those who can'y read that whole html address, I'll break it up:

anne said...

Thanks for the tip on the story. I will be sure to check it out.

I love, love love NPR.

As it's pretty much my only source of entertainment.