Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hi...remember me?'s another meme thing.

And really, it couldn't have come along at a better time for just this very morning I was looking in my medicine cabinet crying "Oh Muse! Where are you?" But alas, the medicing cabinet was empty. Well, empty except for various hygiene type items that, while they will keep one's self spic and span, do nothing for the muse. Cleanliness may indeed be next to Godliness but certainly not museliness.

And so, I can thank my dear seestor for giving me a kick in the patoot.

Four Jobs I've Had

1. Concession stand at the cinema in the local mall. Not nearly as exciting as you would think. The best perk to this job was making the cheese for the nachos and cheese. I always added a lot of jalepeno pepper juice. Yum!

2. Taking pictures of children on Santa's lap - also at the local mall. This is the first and only time I ever met someone who actually ate cranberry sauce on turkey. It was Santa Claus and he put it on his turkey leftover sandwich after Thankgiving.

3. Substitute teacher. I'm still in therapy for this and I can't really talk about it just yet.

4. Making plastic plumbing parts. This was my graveyard shift job. It was loud, smelled bad but I think it helped build character. At the very least, I know a lot more about plumbing parts now.

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over

1. The Sound of Music - I can also sing along to all of the songs.

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas

3. Bringing Up Baby

4. Raising Arizona

Four Places I've Lived

1. Frackville, PA - My hometown.

2. Philadelphia, PA - a brief college tour

3. Mahanoy City, PA - block parties

4. Barnesville, PA - Sanctuary!

Four TV Shows I Love

Ok, for obvious reasons, these will all be older shows...

1. Cheers

2. The Brady Bunch - Why just this very day I had the opportunity to say "Baby talk! Baby talk! It's a wonder you can walk!"

3. Taxi

4. Looney Toons

Four Places I've Vacationed

1. Niagra Falls - where I had the bejeezus scared out of me just looking at it.

2. Grassroots Music Festival

3. Cape Cod

4. Ireland

My Four Favorite Dishes

1. Garlic with pasta - yes, in that order

2. Garlic with brocolli

3. Garlic with garlic

4. Garlic with garlic and cheese

Four Websites I Visit Daily

1. My Seestor's Blog




Four Places I'd Rather Be

1. In a hot tub.

2. In a bookstore with a good cupa.

3. Greece

4. Italy

Four People I'm Tagging

Well, I only know a few with blogs that I can tag so...

1. d.b. echo...sorry

2. cousins...make your hubby do it too. That way it counts as two for me!


3. Kenny! Ha! I know you're out there. And don't give me the old "I don't have a blog" excuse. You can post your answers in the comments. Better yet, start a blog!


D.B. Echo said...

In the words of a bowl of petunias: "Oh, no, not again."

Jozet said...

LOL! Garlic and garlic. *snicker*!

nadzent said...

Humph...OK. But we don't yet have internet access at the new house - and I couldn't possibly do this at work (Opps! I am at work right now...shhh). So maybe check the blog early next week for Adzentoivich x 2 Meme.

Here's a teaser - I also worked at the movie theater concession stand....

Jozet said...

I would like to second Kenny getting a blog. Maybe share blogging with Amy and Kim. I have no idear what those people are up to day to day or week to week.


Jozet said...

I would like to second Kenny getting a blog. Maybe share blogging with Amy and Kim. I have no idear what those people are up to day to day or week to week.


cmccormick13 said...

Love your blog - you made me laugh out loud...several times!

Happy Birthday.

Chantelle (Ms. Halushki will fill you in. ;)

lemony said...

I think I'm a day or two late, and probably more than a dollar short, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Hope it was a great one.

sparky said...

i don't know about the whole blog thing, i would probably loose interest too soon,but for a special birthday treat, i will respond to the meme. question #1 four jobs i've had: (1)pizza delivery guy for centiole's in g-ville. yeah, that's right. free centiole's for 2 years, and tips to boot. (2) cook,in a few different places. (culinary school wasn't totally wasted). (3) i was once paid to hand out food coupons in atlantic city. it wasn't a job onto it's self,i was working for a restaurant that was paying me to cook at the time,but i did get paid to hand out the coupons for a full work week. oh, and i got to do it dressed like a giant lobster. (4)your friendly neighborhood garden guy (it's a living) question #2 four movies to watch over and over: (1)jaws!! (2)dr. strangelove... (3)animal house (4)to kill a mockingbird (my alltime fav) question #3 four places i've lived: (1) sault st marie, michigan(where i was born) (2) lewisburg, montana (3rd place i lived, but i don't remember the phillipines) (3)phila, pa. (center city, 22nd and pine. f-ing awesome) (4) g-ville, pa. (it's been downhill since philly) question #4 four tv shows: (1) green acres (my fav old show) (2) the simpsons (the best show ever) (3)nova ('cause i wanna sound smart) (4) if anne can use the looney toons, then i have to too (bugs is one of my all time idols)(is that wierd?) question #5 four places i've vacationed: (1)pa grand canyon (camping vacations are always the best) (2)the jersey shore (from long beach island to cape may and almost everything in between) (3)paris (just to say that i was in europe. once.) (4)the united states (spent most of 6 months driving around the west, hiking,camping and surviving, not in that order) question #6 four favorite dishes: (1) chicken and waffles (2)ba-sketties (actually,pasta in anyform with any sauce, even just butter, as in buttered macaronni) (4)thai cuisine's mussells (thai cuisine,in reading, has them listed as an appetizer, but they would make a real swell meal,just ask for a side of rice) question #7 four websites i visit daily (1) (all the leftist news that's fit to print) (2) (they won't tell anyone want i'm looking for on the internet) (3) (mother jones' website a little more reserved than buzzflash (4) (doesn't everybody?) question #8 four places i'd rather be:(1) yellowstone national park! (2)anne and marc's house for new year's (how about one in spring anne?)(3)any koffee house in amsterdam (you did expect that to be one of mine, didn't you?) (4) in bed! now the last "question" i can't "tag" anyone and don't really want to (they would probably hit me back) so i guess this is going to end with me. that does that mean i going to have bad luck or something? so happy birthday anne, i owe you a yueng. and josette is right, you do "sing like a bluegrass angel". love ya, kenny

sparky said...

sparky again, i just realized that i missed one of the favorite dishes. so (4)would be baked beans with cuccumber salad.(if you haven't tried it, do! i'm talking about good homemade baked beans with the cuccumber and red onion salad (with sour cream) served right on top of the beans. it's warm cold, creamy and crisp, sweet and tart, and a little ugly to look at. the taste is sublime. kenny

D.B. Echo said...

OK, mine is done!

anne said...

Thank you all for the happy birthday wishes. And to my seestor for the wonderful post on her blog and the visitors as a result thereof.

Nancy- I had no idea you were a concession stand worker as well! We'll have to get together some time and talk shop.

Lemony and cmccormick - thank you for the kind wishes and comments.

Kenny- You really need to reconsider the blog thing. Now. It will help keep your mind limber.

d.b.echo - I'm heading over to check it out now.