Thursday, December 28, 2006

15 Serving 30

So, ok, Merry Christmas and Boxing Day and Solstice and everything else.

I'm going to wimp out a bit and keep this post relatively short. I have to go out and feed animals and then fold laundry. If I can accomplish that by the end of the night I will feel...well, like I'll have something to wear to work tomorrow.


I know you have all been waiting. Waiting, waiting, waiting with great anticipation for the next installment of The Ugly Sisters Remember. So I will not disappoint.

Just for the record, this photo may be used in any argument against bringing back '80's "fashion". My poor sister was color blind and could not match socks. I was pattern blind and could not realize that a large tiger face on my ENTIRE TORSO was not flattering outside the bingo hall.

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But we so have the model pose down, eh?


Michael Plank said...

I used to really like that show, "Square Pegs."

stephanie said...

oh my. the pose is totally the best part of this pic!

Kelly said...

woo boy! good stuff!!

nadzent said...

I don't get the joke?! You guys look Totally AWESOME!

I think I had that tiger shirt too....

skinny neck-tie said...

I dig the Cheap Trick duality going on there.

If that's too vague....I mean the Robin Zander/Tom Peterson "cool" (sunglasses) vs the Rick Nielson/Bun E Carlos "geek" (different socks) thing.

Cheap Chick. Er, make that Cheep Chick. (I'll give you the farm pun for free.)

Anonymous said...

Very cool, but not as cool as my parachute pants, and neon ripped shirts.