Friday, February 22, 2008

Some More Photos From The Farm


So I finally remembered to take my camera outside with me yesterday and snap some picture of the animals. I didn't get everyone but I figured some is better than none at this point.

So, first up are some updated pictures of some of the babies.

Here is Magnolia, Prophet and Oleander (left to right) with a little bit of Gyra's head in the very far left.


And here is Magnolia by herself in mid-chomp on a leaf.


She is getting big and lanky. And bossy.

Here is Oleander, striking a pose.


She is pretty much the same size now as Maggie and Prophet even though she is two weeks younger. I guess having the oven to yourself makes for a little more growing room (Nancy, take note).

I also figured I would introduce you to the bigger guys.

This fellow is Faja or, Red Hot Faja as he is know in the registration books. He is our boer buck and he is just over a year old.


Pretty impressive, huh? Yes those horns are big and yes, he knows how to use them. I always have to be on my guard with this guy. He isn't particularly agressive but he sometimes gets silly when we go in to feed them. I don't think he quite understands that cracking skulls is not everyone's idea of a good time.

Today when I went to feed him, he started getting a little bit pushy. Usually he'll stop on his own but sometimes I have to grab him and get his head on the ground. After a while he'll say "Uncle" so then I know it's ok to let him go. Then he acts like nothing ever happened.

Here is our angora buck, Titan. He came with that name.


He's about half the size of Faja and probably about a third of the weight. Fortunately, he is all about the food and doesn't bother to play games at all.

I am going to have to shear him soon. That ought to be fun.

And last but not least, I have an update picture of Fen.


What a good looking dog!

I tired to get pictures of the other babies but they were having none of it. I also tried to get some pictures of the horses but I made the mistake of taking the camera with me at feeding time so all I got were pictures of close-up noses.


Jozet at Halushki said...

I want a baby goat for Easter. They are too stinking cute!

And Fen is so handsome. What a gorgeous guy!

Professor J said...

Those kids are adorable, but I want Fen! He is so sweet! You couldn't have a better dog for goats, I'll bet.

Blog Antagonist said...

They are all adorable, but I especially like the curly looking guy. He's really stands out in a crowd.

Mike Golch said...

Great pics,and I can relate to the spelling errors.
Let's see how mant times it takes me to get the code right,if I'm lucky it will be the first time.

steph said...


this makes me want to get some goats! theya re all very cute!

D.B. Echo said...

Wow! And it seems like yesterday when you were getting your first goat!

Those are some fine-looking animals. Titan is really handsome! And Faja sounds like a lot of fun! I'd love to see which of us could win a head-butting contest! (I used to wrestle in high school, and smashing heads became a way of saying "hi" among wrestlers after the movie "The Wild Life" came out. I always won those confrontations, 'cause my skull's extra-thick. Like we always said in wrestling, "No brain, no pain!")

we_be_toys said...

Fen is quite a fetching puppy, though the kids are pretty cute too!
I love that you have to get the ram in a head lock until he says, "uncle" - beautiful visual there!

Anonymous said...

Ohmigosh. The puppy and the goats are all 15 kinds of cute. I'm tellin' ya, every time you post pics I want to move out to the country and get myself a bunch of adorable animals too.

Aurora B.

nadzent said...

All very cute. You can't really eat these guys......

And point taken on the - one cooking in there getting bigger than the twins - comment....I think we're working on a 10 pounder in there!