Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hey! It's Reality! And It's Punching You In The Face!

So, if you check out my sister's blog, you will see some links to articles and other pertinent reading. Go check them out. That's an order.

I'm having a hard time with this whole hurricane thing right now. And it's hard beyond all of the tragedy. I can't even fathom what is going on down there right now. I check it out on the computer and look at the pictures like the rest of the world. Then I go about my day and listen to all the armchair disaster workers griping about what isn't getting done soon enough, why don't they have everything under control already, why the hell are gas prices so high and hey, by the way, I can bitch and moan just don't ask me to change my lifestyle at all because that's just a little too much trouble.


The real kicker for me is that they KNEW. They knew this was all only a matter of time. No, wait. That's not the real kicker. The REAL kicker for me is that they are talking about rebuilding this area. Hello? It's a bowl, folks. And not just a bowl, but a bowl below sea level that is surrounded by water.

But we all know this.

And, yeah, I's someone's home and we can rebuild and we shall overcome because we're proud and we have sticktoitiveness and, by golly, no one, including Mother Nature, will tell us where we can build our cities.

Yeah well, let's see how far pride pays the bills. It is going to take a hell of a lot more than rebuilding. Global warming, anyone? Just how committed to rebuilding is everyone willing to get?

Why must we continuously look at problems in the face and pretend they aren't there?

Gas prices? You think they're bad now? You think there is chaos now? Do yourself a little favor and go Google "peak oil". There's something to keep you awake for a few nights. And guess what? It's not just going to happen somewhere else. No, my little Pollyannas. It's going to happen to me and you and your kids and your neighbors who you might get along with now but just see how good things go when life as we are so blindly used to living it is changes. For good.

Wake the hell up, America. World. You.

Ok, I'm getting off the soap box now.

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okiehillgirl said...

You've got a damn nice soap box, there. Make use of it.

I'm sure you noticed how much stronger Rita is...and hurricane season has another six weeks, or so, to go.

Some times i think we're all just circling the drain.

By the way, Arkansawyer tipped me off to your blog