Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Amy Love-in

I want to take a moment to direct your attention to another blog. It was made by my sister - created to celebrate the 40th birthday of our dear friend Amy.

Click here to check it out.

But besides that, I also wanted to post a little bit about her.

I consider Amy to be my other older-sister-friend. She and my sister were pretty inseparable as we were growing up and I was equally tortured by both of them.

At least until my sister went away to college. At that point, everything kind of changed. It might have been that my sister and I no longer had to share a bathroom in the morning and that lended to our relationship becoming a bit more settled. Or maybe we all just grew up a bit.

Or maybe, just maybe, it was that Grateful Dead show in Hershey.

Actually, that's probably it. But I digress.

So at some point, Amy became my friend as well and, well, all those lines between relation/friend get all blurry after a while.

And now...

A short list reasons why I LUUUUV my Amy.

She has one of the best laughs I ever heard.

If I ever have a questions about a movie - ever - she will most likely know the answer. Her knowledge of all things film astounds me.

She can fly an Impala like a fighter jet. Even when it's out of control.

She helped with my birthday party when I turned 8.

She said smegma in front of my mom. (Not at the birthday party. It was much later.)

She is warm and cozy.

She knows how to deal with dogs.

She was my compadre during the Summer of Decadence.

She knows about all things cool in music, books, art and booze.

She is there when people need her.

She liked hangin' with my dad.

She's an active camper as opposed to a passive camper. Because of this, she knows all kinds of practical stuff.

She is the type of person that I could sit with for several hours in front of a fire. There is a small, select crew that fall into that category.

Mainly, though, I guess it's because I am comfortable around her. She is like a warm hoodie. Broken-in boots. A hammock in a nice shady spot. Macaroni and cheese. She is genuine in every sense of the word and that is why I am so lucky to have her as my other older-sister-friend.

Happy Birthday, Amy! We all love you!

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Anonymous said...

oh how sweet. you obviously weren't one of the lucky ones to get to spend this birthday with her. now that she is 40, she just can't party the way she once could. and to put in writing, happy 2007 to the family. all of the family. sparky