Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Early Fool Catches the Wind

Hi everyone.

It's 5:02am on April Fools's Day. It would seem as though I am the April Fool.

Why, you may ask, am I awake at 5:02am on April Fool's Day? Could it be that I am one of the last to fall revellers of Bunsen Burner Day, taking festivities right into the dawn of April?

No. That wouldn't be the answer.

I'm waiting for my turn in the shower.

And then I'm going to drive two and a half hours to an alternative energy fair where I will walk around with a husband with windmills in his eyes. My hubby gets windmills in his eyes the way greedy people get dollar signs in theirs. He'll be all full of amps and wind speeds and net metering and such.

Do you happen to know that at this very moment I have several 12 foot long fan blades in my yard? Hmmm?

These would be the fan blades he brought home from his new job.

Hubby: Hey there, Supervisor Guy. I see there's some 12 foot long fan blades in the junk pile.
Supervisor Guy: Why, yes. Yes indeed.
Hubby: Can I have them?
Supervisor Guy: What? so. What...uh...what might you want them for?
Hubby: I'm building a windmill of course.
Supervisor Guy: Wha....?

At least that's how I guess it went.

AS it turns out, there was another batch of 12 foot fan blades in the junk pile again this week. I asked hubby if he's going to take them too. You know, to open up a windmill parts place or something. He said they already buried them with other junk to keep, he thinks, the freaks from taking them home.

So, Happy April Fool's Day everyone. May it be full of practical jokes and alternative energy.

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D.B. Echo said...

So I left work a little early the other day. The sun hadn't quite completely set yet, so the sky in fromt of my was still pretty bright. I'm driving south on 81 past Avoca when suddenly I see windmills - a whole bunch of them, clear as day, big as anything, stretched out on a ridge in front of me! Mountains quickly got in my way, but then as I was driving past some nearly-deforested land in Pittston, there were more windmills! Or maybe they were the same ones, I don't know.

The next day I left at a more normal hour, and there were no windmills to be seen.

So when did these show up there? Probably not just before I saw them - I only saw them because the light was better. I'm wondering if the windmill I can see from the Cross Valley in Wilkes-Barre is part of this group. I'll be driving through Bear Creek today - maybe I'll see more!

tony c said...

Off the grid, baby!

Marc Riotto is awesome.

anne said...

I think the windmills you saw are from the Bear Creek project. I had no idea they were there until this past Wednesday when I went with a couple of friends to check out the new Salvation Army in W-B. (Which, by the way, is great great great!) We came home via Mountain Top and that's when I saw them.

tony c-
Grid schmid. Who needs it?
Um...other than the folks who do, I mean.

And you're right, he is indeed the man.

nadzent said...

Funny...all my husband can talk about these days is solar power. In fact, he mentioned giving up his career in music to start a solar power installation/repair company. As a matter of fact, he hatched this idea while we were in my Doctor's office looking at ultrasound images of the twins. I love knowing he is so interested in this breeding thing...

He is so ready to go off the grid. He is recruiting my parents too...

Let's get these two goofy kids together and see what they come up with.