Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Quickie Post Here


Here's my first quickie update.

I just went to Yahoo! and glanced at the news headlines and saw this

U.S. May Ask IAEA to Pressure Iran.

Which, in my haste, I read as this

U.S. May Ask IKEA to Pressure Iran.

And before I even thought about re-reading, my mind barrelled ahead with thoughts of furniture that needed to be assembled, incorrect instructions, not enough parts and confounded Iranians scratching their heads. And the whole time I'm thinking "What? Is this an attempt at sanctions or what?"

And then I went back and read it again.

Hee hee.

1 comment:

Jozet said...

You just might work.

If we can send enough IKEA and Playmobil merchandise over there, we can keep them occupied for decades.