Monday, April 10, 2006

A Swan Song of Sorts

Dear Readers,

I just wanted to let you all know that I'm going to semi-retire the Almost Quintessence blog.

It is fun to chronicle the anecdotes of daily life and especially interesting to read the insightful comments that follow. So I'm not just going to outright delete it. I may be back from time to time.

As it is, though, it tends to become a bit of a distraction from...oh...things like fixing the leaky roof, insulating the cold house, tending to the garden, etc. In short, I am going to shift attention completely rather than trying to give a little bit to this and a little bit to that and never enough to anything.

It would seem that farmer/writers can only be prolific in one thing.

So, there it is.

Thank you for shopping at Almost Quintessence.

The Distracted Management


nadzent said...

Oh no! Say it ain't so!

Maybe just a spring/summer hiatus? Please?

What do farmers do in the winter anyway? Especially when they have no television...

Jozet said...


How about just a weekly post? Damn, girl, you are too good a writer to just drop it all for even an extended hiatus.

Could you at least keep the habit by doing, say, a Sunday evening recap of the week? Random thoughts?

Maybe just rethink what it is you want to write about - keep it to one topc for a while? Or how about a joint mother-daughter blog for a while...OH! Or how about have your daughter be a guest blogger for a while? Sort of like when Leno goes on vacation? Or other guests (Kenny? Son? Hubby?)


tony c said...

Giving up the blog to go tilting at windmills?


Just for that, I'll have to start calling on the phone.

Or visiting. (Still have that jar of booze-soaked cherries?)

lemony said...

I'm sorry. Did you say something? I can't hear anything over the joint tantrum Jozet and I are having.

Michael Plank said...

I have a question that is both existential and practical.

If you're taking a hiatus, does that mean you won't see this comment?

Jozet said...

Oh, she'll see it. I'm Fed EXing it to her.

D.B. Echo said...

Damn, girl, I'm gonna miss you!

I was looking forward to following your adventures as I plunge into my own home renovation adventure. I haven't bought my grandmother's house yet, but I'm well on the way. And once I do, I just need to replace the electrical service, replaster a few walls and a ceiling, replace the front porch, repaint everything, including the wrought-iron fence in front that is covered with rust that needs to be scraped off and a chicken-wire fence that the former tenants attached with about 10,000 wire ties which need to be sawed off individually. So I was kinda hoping to have someone to commiserate with me!