Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thursday! Thursday! Question From My Sistersday!

Hello, dear readers.

Welcome back.

Have a sit down.

Have a cupa.

Have some Airborne.

Things are gonna be ooooooookay.

So, how was your day? Mine? Oh, it was alright. It's the first day I've felt human since The Illness set in. I actually made it to work today - which is niether cause for celebration or mourning but, at the same time, both. You know how it is.

And how it is right now is a bit strange. I am sitting here at my computer desk, my fingers tap-tap-tapping away like so many little Jack Frostcicles, and I look as though I am about to give birth to a 12 pound gray cat. Because our 12 pound gray cat? Has climbed INTO my shirt. From the bottom. So he's on my lap, in my shirt.

And quite warm, too. So I'll let him stay. For now.

Back on task!

So, if you all remember, Thursday is when I get to answer a question(s) from my sister. Since I didn't really even make a dent in the list she sent last week, I am going to steal another one from there. Here we go...

Question: If you could tell your 13 year-old self anything, what would it be?

Wow. What a question. Most of you know me long enough to also know the 13 year old me but, for those of you who don't, Welcome to the Dollhouse might be a good jumping off point.

Let's see what magic we can work with this...

Dear 13 Year Old Me,

I know it must be strange getting a letter from yourself from the future. I just want you to know up front that I am going to do my best not to make any big revelations about our life because I don't want to take the excitement out of it for you. Us. I mainly want to point out a few things that might be nice to know along the way.

Regarding your sister. Hang in there for a little while longer. In a short while you won't have the challenge of cohabitation to deal with and a whole new sisterly world is going to open up to you. Your relationship will be ramped up to a new level, better than ever before. Most of what you argue about is petty nonsense. You are on the brink of forming deep, strong bonds - the beginnings of which you experienced when chasing down Brian K. from Spencer St. and giving him the Double-Crosby Whallop for having the lack of sense for messing with one of the sisters.
Make the most of the last days you will all be together under one roof as The Crosby family because, once your sister leaves for college, those days are gone forever.

Your mom and dad are two of the finest people you will ever have the privilege of knowing. You will never know all the sacrifices they made for you but one day you will begin to understand. Be patient with them, because as much as you don't want to believe it, they aren't always right. They are always guided by love but they are only human. Take time to learn about the people they are, the people they were, the people they want to be. Take time, take time.
You are about to run headlong into Life and they are scared and excited for you - probably mostly scared. They want you to be happy and safe and won't realize that sometimes the two are, in fact, mutually exclusive. Don't misinterpret their fear.

Talk to them. Tell them you love them - they really want to hear it.

Ditto all of that for your extended family as well. These "crazy old folks" are going to be a lot more interesting as you get older so try to spend some time and pay attention to what they have to say. This is your heritage. All of that wacky screwball power has been honed and funnelled into the person that is you. Learn about it and use it wisely.

You are pretty smart about your friends. Trust your judgement - it will rarely mislead you. But try to pay more attention to the ones cast off by society - even by you. You never know if a kind word or a smile will make a difference in someone's life. The world can be a cruel and ugly place - don't contribute to that. A lot of times, people are just looking for someone to listen. Look for them - you never know if you are the last person they will reach out to. It doesn't hurt to be kind. Take time, take time.

The things that seem important to you now will be small potatoes in the future and that will hold true for every single stage of your life. But you are smart and resourceful and you will manage.

You have an exciting and wonderful life in store. You will be terrified, thrilled, elated, miserable, stressed, depressed, anxious, exhausted, challenged, victorious, defeated, and so many other things, over and over again. But that is what life is all about! Enjoy every bit of it!

You will be surrounded by people who love you and you, in turn, will love them more than you ever thought possible.

The most important thing to remember is that you are the master of your own life. Your success lies in your hands. There is nothing to stop you from achieving whatever it is that you want - you just have to decide what that is.

There will come a day when you don't have to wear plastic frame glasses.

And just because we share a twisted sense of humor, one of the following things will come to pass by the time you are 37:
- You will have a job in a foreign country.
- You will win the lottery in a big way.
- You will have a farm.
- You will hold a relatively high political office.

Good luck figuring that one out. Pretty exciting, whatever the case.

Finally, I just want to tell you that are a good kid. A little kooky but that's ok. Everyone is a little kooky in their own way. Stick by what you believe. I like who you are and, even though there's always room for improvement, I think you'll be pretty happy with who we become.

I'll let you know if I hear from the 61 year old us.

The Older You

That was a bit harder than I expected. It was hard not to put spoilers in the letter. Like, at 13, being the...less...ok, fine... least experienced when it came to boys, it would probably be nice to hear that in the future it all pans out and we get to be married to a wonderful, wacky, loving, crazy, HOTTIE! and we are absolutely mad about each other. Because it would make the next 4 year so much more bearable. But, alas! What fun would that be?

So, there you have it. Yet another post.

This post was brought to you by NaBloPoMo and Perrier.


Jozet said...



I think that letter could be pretty much handed to a lot of 13-yos with only a few edits for some specifics.

Youa re wise beyond your years. But then again, you always were.

cuz E said...

Yea A,

I agree with you seestor. you will have to give some letters to all of my boys some time between 11-14